People everywhere are stressed, isolated, Burnout, and even depressed. To make the most of that opportunity, brands must deliver happiness. We design the brand; we turn the brand into an experience, and we communicate the brand’s story.

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The tools you need to grow, excite, and better understand your Inner Self

Partnering organizations with a modularized, scalable, and secure wellness platform for human care.

A Modular Scalable, and Secure AI Platform and Apps for Human Care.

Smart Journaling


Unleash data-driven intelligence and see the transformation in action.

Unleashing AI and cognitive technologies, enabling partners to build thriving communities.

Discover your full potential with the support of a personal AI assistant. Access invaluable insights and evidence-based activities to thrive. Our state-of-the-art AI technology utilizes cognitive science, research, and evidence-based programs to deliver personalized, prescriptive, and predictive interventions for your happiness and wellbeing.

Smart Journaling


Unleash data-driven intelligence and see the transformation in action.

Unleashing AI and cognitive technologies, enabling partners to build thriving communities.

Bliss studio empowers our partners to create real societal change and contribute to a more joyful world. With a foundation in cognitive science, evidence-based content, and customizable AI agents featuring personalization options, mybliss provides the perfect platform for experts and organizations committed to positively impacting people's lives.

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Personal AI Agent Delivering in-the-moment Care for Every Emotion, Feeling, and Thought by Giving Contextual, Relevant Cues and Interventions in your Hands.

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Countless Possibilities For Human Care.

mybliss platform is a modularized, scalable, and secure AI platform that allows SMEs and Coaches to create proprietary programs or leverage existing evidence-based programs and data sets to drive better happiness and wellbeing. With white-label apps, AI Avatars, and Insights Dashboard, organizations can unleash the full potential of their people, content, and personalized programs to achieve their business objectives.


Build your wellness programs and interventions with duration, community circle, and reminders that spans a defined period, involves a community of participants, and automate regular reminders to keep participants engaged and motivated throughout their wellness journey.


Your Personal AI can power chatbots or virtual assistants that offer personalized care, answer questions, and guide users through their journey. AI generates personalized interventions for programs, tools, or any other relevant content, aiming to enhance wellbeing.


A digital course framework empowering experts with cutting-edge digital design tools and Personal AI to deliver impact. It cultivates a lively community of learners, offering insights, and events with SMEs. Collaboration and peer-to-peer learning significantly enrich the overall impact.


Empowering Connections: Create your Peer-to-Peer Coaching Circle for Seamless Video, Webinar, and Chat Engagement. Our coaching circle is designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Access video sessions, webinars, and chat at your convenience.


Manage live and virtual events with our app and offer promotions, ticketing, payments, registration, webinars, classes, scheduling, and more. Set up a live or virtual check-in system so you can easily engage, monitor attendee count, and provide support via our mobile app.


Just trusted insights that lead to better wellbeing outcomes. With dashboard analytics, uncover potential gaps and insights in your community, improve quality of care, and user satisfaction. Leverage integrated and secure data to create more personalized care.

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