Humor and Happiness

Laughter truly is one of the best forms of medicine, and one of the top influencing factors in happiness.  It has long-term benefits and can also provide a dramatic boost in mood.

Why Humor?

Humans laughed before they spoke. Babies less than 3 weeks old can laugh. Humor is an important aspect of psychological well-being and social cohesion for humans and animals alike. Did you know monkeys, dogs, and even rats laugh?  We can learn from animals and kids on this one. Kids, in fact, laugh more than 3 times as much as adults! Humor and laughter do have serious side-effects, however: laughter is notoriously contagious, often spreading to others nearby, and daily exposure to humor is a leading cause of chronic happiness.

Science of Humor

There is ample scientific basis for the mental and physical benefits of humor and laughter.  In fact, the science of laughing and its effects on the body actually has a name: Gelotology. Research has shown that laughter causes euphoria by releasing endorphins in the brain via opioid receptors and releases serotonin, similar to antidepressants. Another study showed that laughter protects blood vessels and heart muscles through its anti-inflammatory effect. Studies also show that laughter boosts your immune system by increasing your immune cell count and enhancing antibodies, and also regulates blood sugar and improves sleep.  Lastly,research has shown that laughter improves memory in adults.


Benefits of Humor

Cause Euphoria
Improve Relationships
Reduce Depression & Anxiety
Promote Heart Health
Improve Mental & Physical Health
Reduce Stress
Boost Immune System
Improve Memory
Regulate Blood Sugar
Improve Sleep

Start Humor Challenge

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”


-Robert Frost

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